Established in 2008, Washnet Professional Cleaning Services (WASHNET) now has five operational centres in Lagos, Nigeria. WASHNET has carved a niche for itself in the cleaning industry; servicing individuals and corporate institutions.

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value; thus improving our client’s operational efficiency.

Providing quality service at reasonable price. To deliver service with courteousness and promptness…unfailing commitment.

To be a reference point in laundry/dry cleaning services. To be among the top three leading firms (in terms of spread and profitability) by 2020. We target minimum of a centre in all major commercial cities in Nigeria…We will grow into a well-structured family business beyond 2020.

Our core values include:
• Integrity and Ethics
Keeping promises to all stakeholders-customers and staff.
Emphasis on honesty, transparency and highest degree of ethical standards, business and professional values in all interactions
within and outside the organization.

• Team Work
Shared vision, goals and objectives, emphasis on collective rather than individual performance and achievements to obtain the best results out of all.

• Professionalism
Be professional in all dealings.

• Customer Centered
Understanding of customer needs,values and expectations;
meeting and exceeding customer expectations to maximize
individual “customer experience” continuously.


• To handle all clothes, linens, furnishings and other items accepted by us for laundry/dry cleaning with proper and due care and attention
• Investigate any complaint promptly
• Provide well trained, competent and courteous staff that will be helpful at all times
• Have orders ready at the time slated, unless prevented by extreme circumstances.
• Maintain the highest possible standard of quality and service consistent with the price charged.

Other things we do

Setting up laundry centres for individuals or organisations
We offer our first class expertise in establishing your laundry outfits which saves you tremendous cost. Asides this, we do feasibility studies, recruit staff and give first-hand training to staff of the unit as the need arises.
We also manage the unit, such that the organisation need not worry about the day-to-day running, we do staffing and buy the machineries.

Trainings and equipment supplies
We offer monthly, quarterly and bi-yearly trainings to individuals interested in setting up dry cleaning and laundry outfits. We also supply Industrial and semi-industrial laundry equipment.